Stikmaker Sales is a full line production chemical company specializing in the South Texas oilfield. We have a large selection of products to meet your needs.


    Our product list includes but is not limited to:        



            Liquid foamers         

            Liquid pipeline corrosion inhibitors (both oil & water base)          

            Scale inhibitors          

            H2S scavangers          

            Emulsion breakers          

            Parifin inhibitors/solvents



            Soap sticks          

            Scale inhibitor sticks          

            Corrosion inhibitor sticks          

            Salt crystal inhibitor sticks          

            Acid sticks



        Super Foamers          

            Dry powder sulfamic acid gel caps          

            SW 2 stage super foamer gel caps          

            Liquid corrosion inhibitor gel caps               


        "Cannon Balls"          

            3/4" to 4" designed to use in horizontal well applications.          


Contact us for information about the above solids and super foamers that can be made into round solid surfactants.


The above is a general list of our products, but give us a problem and let us solve it together with your team.