About us


Stikmaker Sales has been in business since 1998 and we are proud to say that we have never had a lost time accident. We believe in “Safety First” Nobody wins unless everyone goes home. All of our personnel are fully trained in valves, H2S gas, breathing apparatuses and safety.


As part of our safety compliance, we will adhere to your company's safety procedures and welcome any input from your safety department. We will strive to become an acknowledged member of your team. Our goal is to provide a safe and proficient operation.

Rick Prine, Jim Crumrine, Christie Prine & Sam Thompson

Rick Prine, Jim Crumrine, Christie Prine & Sam Thompson

Our company was started by James “Jim” Crumrine. Jim started in the oil field in 1978 as a mud logger. In 1979 he became a mud engineer for Magcobar. Jim had his own business “Jim’s Mobile Service Center” from 1982 till 1985. In 1985 he went to work for Varichem Chemicals working in the Field Sales & Technical Services division. In 1995 Jim went to work for Excel Chemical then in 1997 he went to work for Smith Industries. Jim is an acknowledged expert in foamer technology and application. 

Stikmaker Sales has had it’s chemical and sales division open since 1998. The valve lubrication and maintenance group was added in the fall of 2014.